Registration of your copy of the Digital Atlas is not mandatory. However, there are several benefits to being a registered owner:

  • You need not carry the atlas DVD around with you but – after successful logon to the secure section of this companion website – you will have access to a fully functional, online edition of the Digital Atlas. This secure copy has been updated with all changes made since publication. (In contrast, all maps displayed on the free-to-view pages of the website are overprinted with a watermark.)
  • Provided that you update your registration details with any change in e-mail address, you will be informed of all enhancements, updates, corrections and other changes to the atlas.
  • You are welcome to send us queries or otherwise request reasonable assistance in your use of the atlas (though we request that in all cases you first check the user guide, including its updated online version).
  • You have the right to back-up a copy of the atlas onto DVD and restore this for later use if needed (see conditions of use for full details).

Registration agreement
By registering your copy of the Digital Atlas, you accept the conditions of use for the Digital Atlas and that NIAS Press may store a copy of your registration details. However, we undertake not to misuse these details; they will be used solely to control use of the atlas and to inform owners of updates, corrections, etc. In no circumstances shall we willingly pass on your registration details to a third party.

How to register
To register your copy of the Digital Atlas:

  • On any page of this website, click on the registration link in the right sidebar.

The registration web page will open.

  • Enter the following details:
    • a user name (your own name or any alias you feel like using);
    • your e-mail address (please carefully check that this is correct as it would be disastrous if it is mistyped – it is to this address that our e-mailed confirmation of your registration will be sent; it is also your user ID for future logons);
    • a password (the system will encourage you to create a strong one); and
    • the serial number for your personal copy of the atlas (this unique code is found on the protective case of the DVD).
  • Once you are satisfied with your details, click on the ‘Create new account’ button.

If registration succeeds, an abbreviated version of your account page will open. This allows you to edit your registration details (see below). Otherwise, you are free to logout or go to other parts of the website. In addition, an e-mail will be sent to the address you entered confirming your registration and reminding you what your user name and password are.

If registration fails, various messages will tell you what is wrong. It could be that one or more fields are empty, the e-mail address is invalid (e.g. includes spaces), you have mistyped the confirming password or the serial number is non-existent. Fix the error(s) and try submitting again. If failure continues, check our FAQ page to see if any new information is provided there. If the FAQ page offers no new help, please contact us at [email protected] directly, quoting the serial number printed on the protective case of your atlas DVD. Be prepared that we may ask you to send us proof of your purchase of the Digital Atlas.

How to update your registration details

To update your registration details:

  • Logon to this website.

An abbreviated version of your account page will display.

  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button.

Your account page will open with most of your current details displayed. Note that the serial number is not displayed as this cannot be changed, it being the unique identifier for your registration details. Likewise, for security reasons, your password is not visible.

  • Amend the details on any or all of the other fields (user name, e-mail address and password), confirm your password and click ‘Save’.

If your registration update succeeds, your account page will display (again, minus the password). From here, you are free to logout or go to other parts of the website. Your amended registration details will be active when next you login. Because the system does not send you an e-mail message confirming the changed details, you would be wise to note these down for future reference.

If your attempted change to your registration fails, follow the same procedure (as above) for a new registration.