Conditions of Use

Summary of intention
In essence, the conditions outlined below allow you to make fair use of the Digital Atlas in all its forms but require that you do not appropriate the work here for personal or commercial gain.

All material is copyright
The Digital Atlas of Indonesian History is copyright material in all its forms and content. Copyright in the Digital Atlas as a whole is held by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS Press), while copyright in the author’s own maps, figures and text found in the Digital Atlas is held by Robert Cribb. Copyright in the thumbnail images which provide links to external websites is held by the owners of those websites. Reproduction in any form, electronic or printed, including copying of the disk, is strictly prohibited except as outlined below.

Ownership and use
If you have purchased (or been given) the Digital Atlas, you have ownership of the physical materials (printed book and DVD) and a qualified licence to use the contents. If you have borrowed a copy of the Digital Atlas, you have the same qualified licence to use its contents. The details of this qualified licence are set out below.

Owners (including libraries) may freely lend their own (original) copy of the atlas to others, or indeed to transfer ownership to another, subject to these same conditions of use.

Royalty-free reproduction of maps
Any user of an original copy of the Digital Atlas (whether purchased or borrowed) is licensed to use the maps free of change under the following circumstances:

  • Any maps found in the Digital Atlas may be downloaded without limit and used to illustrate lectures, seminars or other personal presentations (e.g. using Powerpoint). In any such use, the copyright notice may not be obscured.
  • In each instance, up to four (4) maps from this atlas may be used to illustrate unpublished printed matter (e.g. working papers) or online teaching materials. The copyright notice on each map may not be obscured and separate written acknowledgement of the source must be made with every such use of each map.
  • In each instance, up to three (3) maps from this atlas may be used to illustrate published works (including books and journal articles). The copyright notice on each map may not be obscured and separate written acknowledgement of the source must be made with every use of each map.

This acknowledgement should be in the form of the following attribution statement: ‘From Robert Cribb, Digital Atlas of Indonesian History (Copenhagen: NIAS Press, 2010), reproduced with permission.’

Modification of maps
As copyright images, the contents of all maps found in the Digital Atlas may not be violated. Therefore, no map may be modified or adapted except in the following instances:

  • Resizing
  • Conversion from colour to grayscale
  • Output in a different file format (e.g. TIFF)

Any other forms of modification require the permission of the publisher.

Back-up copies
All owners of the Digital Atlas, including libraries, may (and we recommend that you do) save one (1) copy of the original DVD for the Digital Atlas elsewhere in machine-readable form solely for backup purposes. In the event of failure or destruction of the atlas DVD – and in no other circumstances – registered owners are authorized to create a replacement disk from this backup for use as if it were the original. Backup and restoration guidelines are found here.

In no circumstances may library users, borrowers or any other non-owner of the Digital Atlas make backup copies of the atlas, whether to DVD or to hard disk or to other storage device.

Copying of the disk for distribution, sale, gift or loan to others is strictly prohibited.

All other instances of use
Written permission from the publisher is required (and in some cases a fee may be charged) for any other reproduction of the maps, including the use of maps in greater numbers than specified above, reproduction for sale in any digital form, or inclusion in any publicly accessible website.

The software that runs the Digital Atlas is copyright and may not be copied or adapted by any user without written permission.

Limited warranty
NIAS Press has worked hard to offer you a durable reference tool produced to the highest standards. Moreover, we are committed to maintaining the atlas with corrections and other updates posted on this website.
Nonetheless, the publisher makes no warranties, either express or implied, that the Digital Atlas will meet your requirements, that operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error free, or that all software errors will be corrected. In no event will NIAS Press or the author be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the software or user manual, even if they have been advised of the possibility of such damages.