Additional Help

The printed and DVD versions of the atlas user guide (including FAQ pages) should meet the needs of most users of the Digital Atlas but additional help is available.

Online resources
For all users, this website provides:

  • Updated text for the user guide (especially the FAQ as it evolves).
  • A log of all updates to the atlas DVD, plus any other system-related notifications, clarifications, etc. from the publisher.

More help for registered owners
If you are a registered owner of the Digital Atlas, you are welcome to send us queries or otherwise request reasonable assistance in your use of the atlas (though we request that in all cases you first check the user guide, including its updated online version). Please contact us by e-mail, sending your message to [email protected], and quoting the serial number printed on the protective case for your atlas DVD.

Publisher contact details
NIAS Press
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
Leifsgade 33, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500
Fax: (+45) 3532 9549
E-mail (general): [email protected]
E-mail (Atlas users): [email protected]