Ambon City divided, 2004


In Muslim-Christian fighting in Ambon City, the Chinese quarter was razed, and rival militias attempted unsuccessfully to destroy two buildings central to the identity of the two communities: the Al Fatah Mosque and the Maranatha Church. By 2004, the city was partitioned, with the northern 40% in Muslim hands and the remainder controlled by Christians. The narrow neutral area between the two zones was known cynically as ‘Jalan Gaza’.
Map based on ‘IDP Locations in Ambon City’ (2004),$file/IDP%20locations%20Ambon%20City%20after%2025%20Ap%2004%20.jpg

Further reading

Aygen Erdentug and Freek Colombijn, eds, Urban ethnic encounters: the spatial consequences (London: Routledge, 2002)

Year span

2004 - 2004