Java administrative divisions, 1832-1866


The frequent changes in administrative boundaries which took place on Java under Daendels and Raffles and during the first years of restored Dutch rule have not been fully catalogued. By 1832, the distribution of residencies was relatively stable, though changes were made from time to time.

Japara was initially called Japara en Joanna [Juwana]; Buitenzorg, Krawang and Banjoewangi were designated Afdelingen; Patjitan was an Assistent-Residentie; all others were designated Residentie. 

Banjoewangi separated from Pasoeroean as a separate assistant-residency in 1849; the Assistent-Resident for Banjoewangi also headed the neighbouring Assistent-Residentie of Bali and Lombok.  Probolinggo separated from Besoeki in 1855; Madoera separated from Soerabaja in 1857.

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Map number from Cribb, Historical Atlas of Indonesia (2000)


Year span

1832 - 1866